What does WO stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand WO:



With OtherSports
Watch OutCompanies & Firms
WolofLanguage Codes (2 Letters)
Work OrderGeneral Business
Warrant OfficerMilitary
Washington OfficeUS Government
Word OrderNews & Media
Write OffAccounting
Western OntarioCanadian
Write OnceGeneral Computing
War OfficeMilitary
Wide OpenUnclassified
Written OrderMilitary
Write OnUnclassified
Wetenschappelijk OnderwijsUnclassified
Weekly OriconUnclassified
Write OutUnclassified
Warhammer OnlineUnclassified
Western OhioState & Local
West OrlandoState & Local
West OttawaCanadian
Wing OperationNASA
Web ObjectCyber & Security
Wicked OneFunnies
Wonderful OneUnclassified
Woe OnSports
Wing OperationsMilitary
Whos OnlineUnclassified
Weak OneUnclassified
William OliverUnclassified
West Orange, New JerseyState & Local
Warning OrderMilitary
Wound OstomyPhysiology
Wine Of OriginUnclassified
Working OpportunityUS Government
Women OperatedSports
Weak OxidizerChemistry
World OrphansNon-Profit Organizations
Welding OperatorOccupation & Positions
Window OriginalSoftware
Wheeled OnUnclassified
William OrsonUnclassified
Wiccan OrderReligion
Winning OthersUnclassified
Walter OwnsUnclassified
wife ofBritish Medicine
Wankers OutfitUnclassified
Walraven originalUnclassified
Walk OverUnclassified
Water OutletUnclassified
White OilUnclassified
Whole OpenCascadeUnclassified
Wide OutFootball
Widows and OrphansUnclassified
Widows OriginalUnclassified
With OfferUnclassified
With OverviewUnclassified
War ObjectsUnclassified
Warrant Officer - Army, Navy, USCG, USMCMilitary
Wash OutUnclassified
week ofBritish Medicine
Weeks OldBritish Medicine
Welsh officeBritish Medicine
White Oak CampusFDA
White OutUnclassified
World OfficeUnited Nations
World OrganizationHealthcare

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