What does WPA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand WPA:



Wi-Fi Protected AccessNetworking
Works Progress AdministrationUS Government
William Preston & AssociatesCompanies & Firms
WiFi Protected AccessTelecom
Work Projects AdministrationUS Government
Writing Program AdministrationEducational
Windows Product ActivationSoftware
Work Progress AdministrationUS Government
Working Paper ArchiveMilitary
Council of Writing Program AdministratorsEducational
With Particular AverageSports
Washington Park ArboretumBotany
Washington Pilots AssociationTransportation
World Pool-Billiard AssociationSports
Writing Program AdministratorOccupation & Positions
Western Psychological AssociationPhysiology
Wisconsin Parents AssociationEducational
Washington Project for the ArtsPerforming Arts
We Poke AlongFunnies
Wisconsin Pork AssociationProfessional Organizations
Women Pay AllCommunity
Web Perfect AustraliaInternet
Walden Precision Apparatus, Ltd.Companies & Firms
Washington Pipers' AssociationCommunity
Wired Protected AccessNetworking
Wolf Pack AllianceUniversities
Whiskey Painters Of AmericaFunnies
Web Page AdInternet
Westwind Preparatory AcademyUniversities
World Parliament AssociationLaw & Legal
Workforce Planning and AnalysisUS Government
Works Progress ArchiverEducational
Worldwide Partners AllianceAlliances
World Paddle AssociationAssociations
Western Publishing AssociationAssociations
World Pet AssociationAssociations
Works in Progress AdministrationUnclassified
Western Pallet AssociationAssociations
Wildflower Pale AleUnclassified
Wilson Patenaude AssociatesUnclassified
Win Percent AddedUnclassified
Windows Performance AnalyzerUnclassified
Wisconsin Parkinson AssociationAssociations
Wisconsin Psychological AssociationAssociations
Wolf Performance AmmunitionUnclassified
Work Package AgreementsUnclassified
Work Program ArchitectsArchitecture
Work Progression AdministrationUnclassified
Works in Progress AssociatesUnclassified
World Pension AlliancePension
Worldwide Production AgencyAgencies
Writing Placement AssessmentUnclassified
Writing Program AdministratorsUnclassified
Warranty Parts AllowanceAutomotive
Web Page AuthoringIT
Weddings Parties AnythingMusic
Weight Per AxleAutomotive
West Point Assembly PlantAutomotive
Western Provident AssociationBritish Medicine
Wifi Protect AccessUnclassified
Wikiproject AutomobilesAutomotive
Win Probability AddedSports
Wireless Printer AdapterIT
Wireless Protected AccessUnclassified
Work Project AdministrationUnclassified
Works Project AdministrationGovernmental
World Psychiatric AssociationBritish Medicine
World Public AccessIT

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