What does WT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand WT:



WeightUnit Measures
What The ....Chat
WarrantStock Exchange
Wild TypeBotany
West TexasState & Local
William ThomasFamous & Celebs
Walkie TalkieMilitary
Weight TheUnclassified
Withholding TaxUS Government
Wait TimeUnit Measures
Working TitleNews & Media
Water TemperatureMeteorology
Wild TurkeyVeterinary
White TrashFunnies
Wildlife TrustNon-Profit Organizations
Washington TerritoryState & Local
Waiting TimeUnclassified
Wilms TumorMedical
World TourSports
Write ThroughHardware
Wind TurbineProducts
Watch TimeTime Zones
Winter TermUniversities
White TopColors
White TigerVeterinary
Williams TownshipState & Local
Wing TipsClothes
Wayne TownshipState & Local
War TimeUnclassified
Wireless TelephonyTelecom
Wireless ThermometerMeteorology
Wilm's TumorMedical
William TannerFamous & Celebs
Whole Tree harvestEnvironmental
Waterford TownshipState & Local
Word TrainerSoftware
Wango TangoMusic
Wayne TracyNames and Nicknames
World TablesPolitics
Wolf TrailState & Local
White ThunderUnclassified
Waiver TouristTravel & Tourism
Wireless ToyzCompanies & Firms
Well TankUnclassified
Wire TransmitMilitary
Wrong TellUnclassified
Wide TeleUnclassified
Weapon TotalMilitary
William Thorpe, English Jurist and authorFamous & Celebs
Willie Taggart, football coachFamous & Celebs
Word TerminalUnclassified
The Weightage Of TheUnclassified
Wait TurnUnclassified
Wait TurnsUnclassified
Winners TrophyAwards & Medals
William TaysonUnclassified
Wrestling TerritoriesWrestling
Wrinkle TailClothes
What TheUnclassified
Wearable TechUnclassified
WorldType ThisUnclassified
Waiting TimesUnclassified
Wharton TechnologyCompanies & Firms
Wild TangentUnclassified
World TradeUnclassified
Wall ThicknessArchitecture
Wearable TechnologiesUnclassified
Who TheUnclassified
Windows TerminalUnclassified
Winter TyresUnclassified
Without ThinkingUnclassified
Working TeamUnclassified
Working TimeUnclassified
Working togetherUnclassified
WrapTaypes ThisUnclassified
Write TextUnclassified
Wall Thickness (medical term)Medical
Warping TugShipping & Sailing
Watchdog TimerNASA
We TossFunnies
weight (human)Medical
Weldwood TransportationRailroads
Westwood TriangleCommunity
Winding TemperatureElectronics
Wire TicketNASA
Wireless TelegraphyAmateur Radio
Witholding TagManufacturing
Work TruckCommunity
WorldTracerAircraft & Aviation

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