What does WWF stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand WWF:



World Wildlife FundNon-Profit Organizations
World Wrestling FederationWrestling
World Wide FundFunds
World Water ForumOcean Science
World Wildlife FederationNon-Profit Organizations
World Wrestling FoundationFoundations
We Will FightFunnies
Web Wrestling ForumsForums
Welded Wire FabricProducts
Working With FriendsCommunity
Waste Water FacilitiesCommunity
WorldWideFishing.comCompanies & Firms
Worldwide Fund for Nature (formerly World Wildlife Fund)Non-Profit Organizations
We Want The FranchiseFunnies
World Wide FruitsCompanies & Firms
World Wide ForestsForestry
Without Wisdom ForeverLaw & Legal
We Wound FemalesFunnies
We Want FundsFunnies
What A Waste Of FundsFunnies
The World Wide FunUnclassified
Worldwide Wrestling FanclubWrestling
Women, Wine, and FoodFestivals
Well Worn ForeheadFunnies
World Watch FlyersUnclassified
We Who FellUnclassified
We Weird FreaksFunnies
World Writers FederationFederation
Walks With FinesseFunnies
Words With FriendsChat
Womens' Wrestling FanclubWrestling
Wacko Wildlife FanaticsFunnies
Wetlook World ForumForums
Windows Workflow FoundationFoundations
Wide Women FightUnclassified
World Wide FruitcakeHobbies
Welded Wide FlangeUnclassified
Were Wolf FormUnclassified
Win Win ForeverFunnies
World Wide Fund for NatureCommunity
World Wildlife FoundationFoundations

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