What does YA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand YA:



Yet AnotherChat
Young AdultLaw & Legal
Young AmericaUS Government
Young AudiencesEducational
Young AdolescentLaw & Legal
Yassir ArafatUnclassified
Young ArtistsArt
Youth AdvocacyCommunity
Young ArrestLaw & Legal
Yanmar AmericaCompanies & Firms
Youssef AminNames and Nicknames
Yellowstone AllianceCommunity
Yuffie AogiriUnclassified
Yorkshire ApplesUnclassified
Your A**Chat
Years AgoUnclassified
YardsUnit Measures
Year AgoUnclassified
Young AdultsUnclassified
Young AmericansUnclassified
Youth ActivismYouth
A Yelling AllowedUnclassified
Yalcin AdalUnclassified
Yosemite AntiquesCompanies & Firms
Your AccountUnclassified
Youth ArmYouth
Youth AssociationCommunity
Youth AuthorityYouth

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