What does ZAP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ZAP:



ZapotecLanguage Codes (3 Letters)
Zero Air PollutionUS Government
Zone Alarm ProProducts
Zinfandel Advocates and ProducersCompanies & Firms
Zero Adolescent PregnancyCommunity
Windows Software Installation SettingsFile Extensions
Zeer Actieve PsychologiePhysiology
Zero Accident ProgramTransportation
FileWrangler Compressed FileFile Extensions
Zany Award PointsGaming
Zeros Aren't PermittedAssembly
Z Axis PrecessionAstronomy
Zone Axis PatternElectronics
Zero Adult ProvidersFilm Censorship
Zoo Animal PresentersVeterinary
Zine Archive ProjectInternet
Zero Armed PerpetratorsLaw & Legal
Rebel Software Installation ManagerFile Extensions
Zinfandel Associates And ProducersCompanies & Firms
Zone Announcement ProtocolNetworking
Zonal Advisory ProcessMeteorology
Zerg And ProtossScience Fiction
Zealous Art PromotersPerforming Arts
Zero Alignment ProductProducts
Zimbabwean Anti PersonnelMilitary
Zero Atmospheric PollutionEnvironmental
Zapata Corporation of NevadaNYSE Symbols
Zylup Airship ProjectTransportation
Zone Labs, Inc. Zone Alarm DataFile Extensions
Zed Attack ProxyUnclassified
Zayn And PerrieFamous & Celebs
Zendrum Articulating ProgrammerUnclassified
Zeon Advanced PolymixUnclassified
Zernike Advanced ProcessingUnclassified
Zymosan Activated PlasmaUnclassified
Zero Abuse ProjectDevelopment

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