What does ZI stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ZI:



Zone InPhysics
Zombie IslandFunnies
Zero IntelligenceLaw & Legal
Zone of InteriorMilitary
Zero InterceptMathematics
Zero InformationMilitary
Zero IncidentSports
Zero InitialisedMathematics
Zone InterceptMilitary
Zuch InteractiveCompanies & Firms
Zona IncertaUnclassified
Zuhoor InternationalInternational
Zero InflatedUnclassified
Zero InfrastructureUnclassified
Zionism IamUnclassified
Zirconium IUnclassified
Zona IndustrialUnclassified
Zone IntelligentUnclassified
Zinc InstituteProfessional Organizations
Zone of the InteriorNASA

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