What does ZSS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ZSS:



Z Style SheetGeneral Computing
Sassandra, Cote D'IvoireAirport Codes
Zone Sub-StationPolice
Zumero for SQL ServerDatabases
Zero Suit SamusUnclassified
Zero speed switchesUnclassified
Zimbabwe Shared ServicesUnclassified
Shared ServicesUnclassified
Zacks Sales SurprisesUnclassified
Zalavadi Sai SutharUnclassified
Zentraler Service SwitchUnclassified
Zila Sewa SamitiUnclassified
Zone Segmentation SecurityUnclassified
Zuckerman Sensation SeekingUnclassified
Zuercher Studenten SkiclubUnclassified
Zellweger syndrome spectrumMedical

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