What does AAAS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand AAAS:



American Association for the Advancement of ScienceOcean Science
American Academy of Arts and SciencesNon-Profit Organizations
African and African American StudiesAcademic Degrees
Advanced Aircraft Armament SystemAir Force
Authentication as a ServiceUnclassified
Austrian Association for American StudiesAssociations
Accounting As A ServiceAccounting
Accreditation Accountability and Academic ServicesAcademic & Science
Achalasia Addisonianism Alacrima SyndromeSyndromes
African American and Africana StudiesAfrican
Alacrima Achalasia Addisonian SyndromeSyndromes
Alan Alda a Admiration SocietySocieties
Algorithm As A ServiceUnclassified
Asian and Asian American StudiesAsian
Automotive Aftermarket Association SoutheastAssociations
alacrima-achalasia-addisonian syndrome, see Triple A syndromeBritish Medicine
American Association in Advancement of SciencesObservatories
Amphibious Aviation Assault ShipMilitary
Association for Asian American StudiesEducational

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