What does ACTION stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ACTION:



Accessible Community Transportation In Our NationTransportation
Activists Center for Training In Organizing and NetworkingCompanies & Firms
All Coming Together In Our NeighborhoodCommunity
Anglican Christian Teens Inspiring Our NeighborhoodsReligion
A Call To Improve Orphans NeedsCommunity
Advising Counseling Testing Involving Orienting And NetworkingEducational
Advent Christian Training In Oversight NurturingReligion
Adults And Children Together In Our NeighborhoodCommunity
Alleghany Children To Improve Our NeighborhoodCommunity
Advancing Christian Traditions In Our NationReligion
Adopting Changes to Improve Outcomes NowUnclassified
Activating Citizens to Impact Our NationUnclassified
Australian Capital Territory Internal Omnibus NetworkAustralian
American Council To Improve Our NeighborhoodsCouncil
Alcoans Coming Together In Our NeighborhoodsCommunity

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