What does AIDE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand AIDE:



Ace Integrated Development EnvironmentSoftware
Adaptive Independent Drinking EquipmentPhysiology
Advanced Intrusion Detection EquipmentMilitary
Alpha Information Documentation And EnhancementsUnclassified
Asian Institute For Distance EducationAsian
Android Integrated Development EnvironmentDevelopment
Assistance In Distressed EnvironmentsUnclassified
Aiming for Individual Development and EmpowermentDevelopment
Association of International Development ExchangeDevelopment
Appalachian Institute of Digital EvidenceInstitutes
Advanced Intrusion Detection EngineUnclassified
Alliance of Independent Democrats in EuropeAlliances
Ambient Intelligence Development EnvironmentDevelopment
Annie Interactive Development EnvironmentDevelopment
Australia International Dive ExpoInternational
Auxiliary Inference Divergence EstimatorUnclassified
Advanced Intrusion Detection EnvironmentArchitecture

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