What does AME stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand AME:



African Methodist EpiscopalCommunity
Ametek, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Advanced Metal EvaporatedElectronics
Annually Managed ExpenditureUS Government
Adventure Middle EarthGaming
American Methodist EpiscopalUnclassified
AeroMedical EvacuationMilitary
Aircraft Maintenance EngineeringAircraft & Aviation
Academy of Management ExecutivesNon-Profit Organizations
Agriculture Man EcologyUniversities
Arcade Machine EmulatorUnclassified
Agreed Medical ExaminerMedical
Airspace Management ElementAir Force
Annual Managed ExpenditureUnclassified
Allied Marine EmusFunnies
Allegro Media ExtensionNews & Media
Action Methods EnglandUnclassified
Acrylic Modified EpoxyProducts
Air Mobility ElementAir Force
Aviation Medical ExaminerAircraft & Aviation
Arts Media and EngineeringNews & Media
Aerospace and Mechanical EngineeringEngineering
Aircraft Maintenance EngineerAircraft & Aviation
Apparent Mineralocorticoid ExcessBritish Medicine
Association for Manufacturing ExcellenceManufacturing
Anti Mobiele EenheidUnclassified
Accounting Made EasyAccounting
Advancing Mathematical ExcellenceUnclassified
Association for Moral EducationEducational
Accident Medical ExpenseMedical
Advanced Manufacturing EngineeringCompanies & Firms
Advertising And Marketing EffectivenessMarketing
Advanced Machine EngineeringEngineering
Angular Momentum EquationUnclassified
Apprenticeship Mentorship and EntrepreneurshipUnclassified
Academic Made EasyAcademic & Science
Accept My EmotionUnclassified
Additive Manufactured ExcavatorUnclassified
Advanced Mechanical EnterprisesUnclassified
African Mining & Exchange (de-listed)London Stock Exchange
Andrew McIntyre EnterprisesUnclassified
Angular Matrix ElementsUnclassified
Anomalous Microwave EmissionUnclassified
Anomalous Microwave EmisssionUnclassified
Associazione Medici EndocrinologiUnclassified
Atlantic Music ExpoMusic
Author Marketing ExpertsMarketing
Awareness Motivation and EngagementUnclassified
Awareness Motivation EngagementUnclassified
Absorption, Metabolism, ExcretionFDA
Acceptable Maximum EffortBritish Medicine
Advanced Medical EquipmentMedical
Aeronautical Medical ExaminerUS Government
African Methodist Episcopal Zion ChurchAfrican
Agreed Medical EvaluationHospitals
Alveolar Mixing EfficiencyBritish Medicine
American EnglishEnglish
Antenna Mounted ElectronicsMilitary
antimicrobial effectBritish Medicine
arcuate nucleus-median eminenceBritish Medicine
aseptic meningoencephalitisBritish Medicine

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