What does BD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand BD:



Becton DickinsonLatin
Black DiamondChemistry
Bachelor's DegreeAcademic Degrees
Back DoorGeneral Computing
Birth DatePhysiology
Binding DomainUnclassified
Business DevelopmentGeneral Business
Brown DwarfAstronomy
Break DownUnclassified
Bis DannGerman
Bob DylanUnclassified
Bahraini DinarCurrencies
Big DealChat
Behavior DisorderPhysiology
Bi DirectionalUnclassified
Black DragonUnclassified
Beagle DogDogs Related
Big DaddyUnclassified
Ben DoverUnclassified
Bonner DurchmusterungGerman
Bondage DominationUnclassified
Big DogDogs Related
Bachelors DegreeUnclassified
Beautiful DayUnclassified
Black DialColors
Bank DepositBanking
Blue DiamondUnclassified
Bande DessinéeFrench
Bondage And DominationUnclassified
Bad DriverUnclassified
Ben DavisUnclassified
Basis DatenGerman
Big DummyChat
Brain DamagedUnclassified
Baby DancingChat
Beam DumpUnclassified
Brian DowlingFamous & Celebs
Bondage and DisciplineFunnies
Background DebugSoftware
Building and DevelopmentUS Government
Behaviorally DisorderedEducational
Budget Group, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Brian DoyleFamous & Celebs
Bed DownUnclassified
Bilingual DictionaryNews & Media
Baby DanceChat
Building DesignerOccupation & Positions
British DressageBritish
Bad DiskGeneral Computing
Bondage DominanceFilm Censorship
Brown DogDogs Related
Big DigitsGeneral Computing
Bird DistributionUnclassified
Bounded DistortionPhysics
Battlefield DistributionMilitary
Bryan DavidNames and Nicknames
Beautiful DollUnclassified
Buddy DonUnclassified
Big DavidUnclassified
Big DissapointmentUnclassified
Before DestructionGaming
Blind DataUnclassified
Bull DykeUnclassified
The Body DissatisfactionUnclassified
Bad DealsUnclassified
Bill DepthUnclassified
Bunch-Davies vacuum statePhysics
Biological DynamicBiology
Bead DoorUnclassified
Business DeclinesGeneral Business
Boundary DiUnclassified
Beautiful DisgraceGaming
Baby DivaUnclassified
Bullet DodgingUnclassified
Backordered DemandsUnclassified
Banker's DaughterNames and Nicknames
Baby DslUnclassified
Bogie's DemonScience Fiction
Blaster DirectUnclassified
Bouligand DifferentialUnclassified
Behaviorally DisadvantagedUnclassified
Block DiagonalMathematics
Bantam DutyUnclassified
Bounded DepthOcean Science
Blu-ray DiscHardware
BedroomHousing & Amenities
Bachelor of DivinityAcademic Degrees
Bussiness DevelopmentBusiness
Below DetectionPhysics
Bis In Die (Twice Daily)Prescription
Black DisciplesUnclassified
Bluray DiscUnclassified
Broker DealerUnclassified
Belgium DistributionUnclassified
Best DumbassUnclassified
Broken DissidenceUnclassified
Bande DesineeUnclassified
Bear DudeUnclassified
Bain DavisUnclassified
Benedats DiscoveryUnclassified
Board DistrictUnclassified
Bogies DemonUnclassified
Begin DecommissionUnclassified
Bidding DocumentAccounting
Base DownUnclassified
Batrachochytrium DendrobatidisChemistry
BD DigitalUnclassified
Belt DrivenUnclassified
Big DateChat
Binary DigitNASA
Brett and DylanUnclassified
Brighter DaysUnclassified
A Butadiene DoiUnclassified
Before DanmusUnclassified
Bible DictionaryReligion
Bad DealGeneral Business
Band DirectorMusic
Batting DataUnclassified
Bbreviation DefineUnclassified
Best DroidUnclassified
Big DemeanorUnclassified
Biological DefenseBiology
Bis in DieUnclassified
Bloody DecksUnclassified
Book DepreciationUnclassified
Broken DownUnclassified
Buddy DroidUnclassified
Business DivisionBusiness
Baby DaddyNews & Media
Baker's DozenCommunity
Bank DraftAccounting
Basement DwellerHousing & Amenities
Basic DesignArchitecture
Bass DrumMusic
Bi-polar DisorderNeurology
Binary DecoderNASA
Binary DiscreteNASA
Binswanger's diseaseMedical
Birth DayCommunity
Birth DoulaOccupation & Positions
Bradley DarrylUnclassified
Brain DevelopmentPhysiology
Broadcast DomainNetworking
Buildings DepartmentState & Local
Business DinnersMusic
Radio-frequency BandNASA

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