What does COA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand COA:



Certificate Of AuthenticitySoftware
Chart Of AccountsAccounting
Certificate Of AnalysisGeneral Computing
Course Of ActionMilitary
Council On AgingCommunity
City Of AustinState & Local
Coachmen Industries, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Cost Of AttendanceUniversities
Change Of AddressUSPS
Committee On AccreditationUniversities
Center Of AttentionChat
Cheerleaders Of AmericaSports
Children Of AlcoholicsNon-Profit Organizations
Crown Of AgesHobbies
Certificate Of AchievementAwards & Medals
Certificate of Operating AuthorityNews & Media
Certified Ophthalmic AssistantOccupation & Positions
Council for Older AdultsCommunity
Comptroller Of the ArmyMilitary
Compliance Oriented ArchitectureHardware
Christians Of AgeReligion
Condition On AdmissionHospitals
Cream Of ApricotFood & Nutrition
Comité Obrero AntipolíticoSpanish
Chance Of AchievementEducational
Change Of AmplificationElectronics
Challenged Outdoorsmen of AmericaSports
Council On AccreditationCouncil
College of the AtlanticColleges
Crackheads Of AmericaPolice
Coat of ArmsUnclassified
Certificate of AuthorizationCertifications & Diplomas
Courses of ActionUnclassified
Card of AdmissionBusiness
Coming of AgeUnclassified
Certification Of AuthorityCertifications & Diplomas
Children Of ApocolypseReligion
College of The AlbemarleColleges
Conchologists of AmericaUnclassified
Connecticut Ornithological AssociationAssociations
Comprehensive Operations AnalysisUnclassified
Content Object ArrayUnclassified
California Optometric AssociationOptometry
California Orthopaedic AssociationOrthopaedic
Customer Oriented ArchitectureArchitecture
Community Oncology AllianceOncology
Call Of ActionUnclassified
Call on ArrivalUnclassified
Call Options AmericanUnclassified
Canadian Orientation AbroadImmigration
Certificate of AccuracyCertifications & Diplomas
Certificate Of AltruismCertifications & Diplomas
Certificate Of AppropriatenessCertifications & Diplomas
Certificate Of AuthenticationProducts
Certificate of AuthorityCertifications & Diplomas
Certificates of AnalysisUnclassified
Certified OpenStack AdministratorCertifications & Diplomas
Chart Of AccountUnclassified
Charts Of AccountsUnclassified
Cheer Officers of AmericaUnclassified
Clash of AvatarsUnclassified
Clean Ocean ActionUnclassified
Clean Oil and AdjustUnclassified
Clinical Outcome AssessmentClinical Medicine
Clinical Outcome AssessmentsClinical Medicine
Coarctation of the AortaUnclassified
Collaborators and Other AffiliationsUnclassified
College Of AgricultureColleges
College Of AlamedaColleges
College of ArchitectureColleges
Colorado Optometric AssociationAssociations
Commission On AccreditationCommissions
Commission on Opticianry AccreditationCommissions
Comprehensive Operational AnalysisUnclassified
Condominium Owners AssociationAssociations
Conservation Opportunity AreasConservation
Container Owners AssociationAssociations
Continuous Online AssessmentUnclassified
Contract Of AffreightmentUnclassified
Contract of AfreightmentUnclassified
Corrections Officers AcademyAcademic & Science
Cost Of AgeingUnclassified
Cost Of AttendenceUnclassified
Council Of ArchitectureArchitecture
Council of the AmericasCouncil
Court of AppealsLaw & Legal
Craft Of ArchitectureArchitecture
Crimean Olympic AcademyAcademic & Science
Cronym Or AbbreviationUnclassified
Cultural Organization of the ArtsArt
Cuteness Overload AirbagUnclassified
Association Canadienne d'OrthopédieSocieties
Cadillac Owners AssociationAutomotive
Canadian Orthopaedic AssociationSocieties
Care Of AddressIT
Carrot-Onion AllianceFunnies
Center Operations AreaNASA
Centro Operativo AutostradaleAutomotive
Certified Orthodontic AssistantDental
Change Of AuthorizationUnclassified
Circuit Of the AmericasAutomotive
City of AtlantaState & Local
Class Of AdmissionImmigration
Coastal Contacts Incorporated (de-listed)Toronto Stock Exchange
Collaboration Optimization and AnalyticsManagement
Comite d'Organisation de l'AutomobileAutomotive
Commission On AuditInstitutes
Commissioned Officers AssociationProfessional Organizations
Commissioned Officers Association (PHS)Non-Profit Organizations
Communications Capsule for Open Air MotoringAutomotive
Community Online AcademyWebsites
Condition of AssemblyManufacturing
Confirm On ArrivalIT
Confirmation of AvailabilityBusiness
Country Of AssemblyIT
Critical Observable ActionBusiness

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