What does COBRA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand COBRA:



Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation ActPhysiology
Cabinet Office Briefing Room AUS Government
Co-Optimized Booster for Reusable ApplicationsNASA
Currency Options Bring Reward AlternativesStock Exchange
Combined Old Boys Rugby AssociationRugby
Combat Outcome Based on Rules for AttritionMilitary
Comprehensive Overall Budget Reconciliation ActUS Government
COmfortable BRAssiereClothing
Covert Operational Bureaucratic Revolutionary ArmyScience Fiction
Coastal Battlefield Reconnaissance and AnalysisMilitary
Cantankerous Ole Boys Restauranting AroundCommunity
Cabinet Office briefing room A andUnclassified
COntrolled Boosting for Rapid response ApplicationsHardware
Computer Optimized Batch Reconciliation ApplicationComputing
Consolidated Omnibus Budge Reconciliation ActLegislation
Combat Objective battle Ready ApplicationUnclassified
Covert Ops Bloon Response AgentBusiness

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