What does CRAG stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand CRAG:



Conservative Rural Action GroupNon-Profit Organizations
Compass, Radar, And GPSTransportation
Columbia Region Association of GovernmentsState & Local
Critical Results Audit GroupUS Government
Coordination of Research and Analysis for GovernmentResearch
Clinical Resource and Audit GroupClinical Medicine
Cyclists Rights Action GroupSports
Climate Resilient Altitudinal GradientClimate
Climbing Resource Access GroupClimbing
compass radar and GPSUnclassified
Carbon Rationing Action GroupUnclassified
Climb Rise Ascend GainUnclassified
Climbing Rentals And GearClimbing
Collaborative Research Administrators GroupResearch
Community Revitalization Action GroupCommunity
Conisbrough Research and Archaeology GroupArchaeology
Charging for Residential Accommodation GuideBritish Medicine
Clinical Research and Audit GroupBritish Medicine
Club Renault Alpine GordiniAutomotive
Cryptococcal AntigenMedical

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