What does DAWN stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand DAWN:



Dawn Technologies, Inc.NASDAQ Symbols
Distribution And Warehousing NetworkGeneral Business
Disciple A Whole NationReligion
Domestic Abuse Womens NetworkUnclassified
Disability Advocates Wisconsin NetworkDisability
Dignity At Work NowGeneral Business
Dance Again With NatureCommunity
Deeply Annoying Whinny NuisanceFunnies
Department of the Army WWMCCS NetworkMilitary
Discipleship And Weekly NurtureReligion
Devoted Apostles For World NatureReligion
Depression Awareness Wellness NetworkPhysiology
Drug Abuse Warning NetworkFDA
Democracy at Work NetworkUnclassified
Distributed Analytics Workflows and NumericUnclassified
deaths avoided with NaloxoneUnclassified
Death Avoided With NaloxoneUnclassified
Diaspora African Women's NetworkAfrican
Death Avoidance with NaloxoneUnclassified
Diabetes Attitudes Wishes and NeedsDiseases
Domestic Abuse Women's NetworkUnclassified
Dual Amplitude Weighted NephelometerUnclassified
Deaths Avoided With NarcanUnclassified
Democracy for the Arab World NowUnclassified
Diabetes Awareness and Wellness NetworkDiseases
Digital Answers When NeededUnclassified
Disability Advocacy Wisconsin NetworkDisability
Disability And Wellbeing NetworkDisability
Discipling A Whole NationUnclassified
Drinkers Are Winners NowUnclassified
DisAbled Women's NetworkNon-Profit Organizations
Doppler Aerosol WiNd (LIDAR q.v. system)Meteorology

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