What does FAR stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand FAR:



Federal Acquisition RegulationMilitary
For All ResidentsCommunity
Federal Aviation RegulationsTransportation
False Alarm RateMilitary
Free After RebateGeneral Business
Field Artillery RegimentMilitary
First Aid RoomGeneral Business
Find And ReplaceAssembly
File And ArchiveGeneral Computing
Floor-to-Area RatioHousing & Amenities
Failure Analysis ReportElectronics
Fun At RecessEducational
Faculty Activity ReportUniversities
Fuerzas Armadas RealesSpanish
Fuerzas Armadas RebeldesGuatemalan
Fargo, North Dakota USAAirport Codes
Falsely Accused of RacismLaw & Legal
Functional Analysis ReviewMilitary
Fat A** RideChat
Florida Avenue ResidenceCommunity
Farm Animal RefugeNon-Profit Organizations
Fighter Attack ReconnaissanceMilitary
Fuerza de Reacción RápidaSpanish
Feld Artillerie RegimentMilitary
Faculty Appointment RecommendationUniversities
Fun, Arts, and RecreationEducational
Felony Advanced ResolutionLaw & Legal
Farandole Composer Module Music fileFile Extensions
Fatty Acid ResistanceHuman Genome
Fun, Art, RecreationEducational
Freshman Advancement and RegistrationUniversities
Fun, Art, and ReadingEducational
Fun, Arts, Recreation Conservatory of Therapeutic and Performing ArtsNon-Profit Organizations
Hector Airport, Fargo, North Dakota USAAirport Codes
Flight Acceptance ReviewNASA
Function al AreaUnclassified
Financial Accounting and ReportingAccounting
Faculty Athletics RepresentativeAthletics
Focus, Accountability, and ReinforcementGeneral Business
Florida Association of RealtorsProfessional Organizations
Financial Accounting and ReportingRECAccounting
Foundation of Art ResourcesFoundations
Fulton Armory RifleUnclassified
Functional Area RepresentativeUnclassified
Fund for Armenian ReliefFunds
Federal Acquisition Regulation (48-CFR)US Government
Federal Acquisition RegulationsFDA
Federal Aviation RegulationNASA
Fernie Alpine ResortCompanies & Firms
Final Acceptance ReviewNASA
Final Appraisal ReportBusiness
First Australian Resources LtdASX Symbols
Fix Asset RegisterAccounting
Fixed Asset RegisterAccounting
Foraco International SAToronto Stock Exchange
False Acceptance RateGeneral Business
Floor Area RatioArchitecture
Foundation for Amateur RadioNon-Profit Organizations

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