What does FR stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand FR:



FrenchLanguage Codes (2 Letters)
FridayDays Abbreviations
FReitagDays Abbreviations
Full RangePhysiology
Federal RegisterOcean Science
Federal RegulationsOcean Science
Final RuleTransportation
Fund RaisingNon-Profit Organizations
Frame RelayNetworking
Frequency ResponseElectronics
Free RideTransportation
Flame RetardantPlastics
Functional RequirementsMilitary
Federal RegulationUS Government
Full RateMilitary
Forest ReserveUS Government
First ResponderOccupation & Positions
Fast RecoverySports
Flat RateUSPS
Forgotten RealmsGaming
Form ReportUS Government
Field ReportMilitary
Functional RequirementTelecom
Former RepublicCountries
Financial ResponsibilityBanking
First Industrial Realty Trust, Inc.NYSE Symbols
First ReaderEducational
Fire RetardantConstruction
Forest RoadEnvironmental
Fire ResistantHousing & Amenities
Forest RowRegional
Fire RoadTransportation
Flame ResistantClothing
Fire ResistanceProducts
Front RightArchitecture
Fold RecognitionHuman Genome
Flight RecorderAircraft & Aviation
Formula RacingRacing
Functional RelationMathematics
Farb RauschUnclassified
Fiesta RedColors
Factory RepairManufacturing
Form RunUS Government
Floor RugHousing & Amenities
Flat RackMilitary
File for ReadingGeneral Business
Fitting ResponseGeneral Computing
Fall River, MassachusettsStates
Fire RetardentProducts
Father RightFamous & Celebs
Forest RootBotany
Fielding RunsMilitary
Figure ReferenceUniversities
Free RadicalChemistry
Freedom RightPolitics
Famous RideUnclassified
Fujitsu RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing)Hardware
Frequency of RespirationPhysiology
Famous ReporterNews & Media
Flawed Reason theoryLaw & Legal
Fernando RobertoNames and Nicknames
Front RadiatingTransportation
Faith And ReflectionUnclassified
Fractional RangeMathematics
Fedral RegisterUS Government
Floating ReedOcean Science
Frederick RexNames and Nicknames
Frosinone (Provence)Italian
Frugal RealmScience Fiction
For RealChat
FrontHousing & Amenities
FatherOccupation & Positions
Friend RequestChat
Fire/RescueFire Departments
For real or f**king right or f**king reallyUnclassified
Fruitful RimCounties
Fierce RemakeUnclassified
Fusil ReformadoUnclassified
for RyanairUnclassified
Fing RubbishUnclassified
Flow RateUnclassified
Final RulesUnclassified
Fire RedColors
Flying ReptilesUnclassified
Folder RedirectionUnclassified
For ReplyChat
Fumbles RecoveredUnclassified
F***, Really?Slang
Family RoomHousing & Amenities
Farmer RefutedMiscellaneous
Ferry RangeAircraft & Aviation
File RegistryDatabases
Final ReportMilitary
Fireman RecruitNavy
Firing RoomNASA
First Majestic Silver CorporationToronto Stock Exchange
First RegistrationLegislation
Flight RuleNASA
Florecitas RosasInternet
Folate ReceptorBiology
For ReferenceSlang
Frightened RabbitMusic
Fuel RetailingProducts
Fraal (Netherlands coin grade equivalent to Fine)Coins

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