What does HAG stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand HAG:



Have A GoTexting
HAZMAT Action GuideHospitals
Hi And GoodChat
Highest Adjacent GradeUnclassified
Helping American GirlsUnclassified
Housing Advocacy GroupHousing & Amenities
Homeless Assistance GrantsHousing & Amenities
Height Above GroundUnclassified
Hardware Action GroupUnclassified
Hanger Alignment GaugeUnclassified
Heavy Assault GaussLaw & Legal
Hoang Reg SLondon Stock Exchange
Heal Align GloUnclassified
Het Antwoord GenootschapUnclassified
Hide And GoUnclassified
Horizons AlphaPro Gartman Exchange Traded FundToronto Stock Exchange
Hacker Association GroupIT
Haima Automobile GroupAutomotive
Hansa Automobil GesellschaftAutomotive
Hendrick Automotive GroupAutomotive
Hessische Automobil GesellschaftAutomotive
Hirschvogel Automotive GroupAutomotive
Huachen Automotive GroupAutomotive
Huawei Ability GalleryIT
Huawei App GalleryIT
Hyundai Automotive GroupAutomotive

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