What does JA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand JA:



JapaneseLanguage Codes (2 Letters)
Just AnotherTexting
Junior AchievementCommunity
John AdamsFamous & Celebs
Jedi AcademyScience Fiction
Judge AdvocateMilitary
Japan AgriculturalFile Extensions
Javascript AlertHTTP Error Codes
Just AwfulFood & Nutrition
Jewelers of AmericaUnions
Jeffrey AtkinsFamous & Celebs
Jedi ApprenticeOccupation & Positions
James AlexanderNames and Nicknames
Judith AnnNames and Nicknames
Jim AustinFamous & Celebs
Johnny AngelNames and Nicknames
Judicial AdministratorOccupation & Positions
Job AbilityOccupation & Positions
Joseph AndrewNames and Nicknames
Joint AffairsMilitary
Jonathan AlderFamous & Celebs
Japanese AgriculturalFarming & Agriculture
Jump if AboveAssembly
Justified AttackLaw & Legal
Jurisdiction ActLaw & Legal
Japan AgricultureInternational Business
Judgmental ApproachGeneral Business
Joan AndersenFamous & Celebs
Johnson AutomaticsCompanies & Firms
Jersey AwayClothing
Jupiter ApproachNASA
Just ArroganceCommunity
Jack of AcesFunnies
Jim AuerbachFamous & Celebs
Just AskingTexting
Japanese AmericanUnclassified
Jobseeker's AllowanceGovernmental
Johnny AppleseedUnclassified
Jack AndrewsNames and Nicknames
Jonathan AvildsenUnclassified
Judge AmadoUnclassified
Japan andUnclassified
JAPAN And aUnclassified
Jose AmnesiaUnclassified
Judge AdvocatesUnclassified
Junction To AmbientUnclassified
Juvenile ArthritisUnclassified
Jamaica AwarenessNon-Profit Organizations
Jamaican AwarenessNews & Media
Jewish AgencyGovernmental
Joe AverageNames and Nicknames
Junior AssistantOccupation & Positions
Junky ArtistPerforming Arts

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