What does LU stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand LU:



Look UpGeneral Computing
Lucent Technologies, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Logical UnitMilitary
Lehigh UniversityUniversities
Long UnsignedUS Government
Location UpdateMilitary
Learning UnitUniversities
Linear UpElectronics
Log UnitState & Local
Link UtilizationGeneral Computing
Lack Of UnderstandingUnclassified
Latest UpdatesUnclassified
Loop UnrollingUnclassified
Letter UppercaseUnclassified
Live UpdateUnclassified
Liberal UnionUnions
Last UtteranceUnclassified
Layer UndulationsUnclassified
Lego UnitUnclassified
Liebevolle Umarmungz ärtlicheGerman
Lucca (Provence)Italian
Love UUnclassified
I Love yoUTexting
Liberty UniversityUniversities
Loving YouCommunity
Lancaster UniversityUniversities
Leg UlcerMedical
Low UtilizationUnclassified
Lund UniversityUniversities
Linking upUnclassified
Lovn UserUnclassified
Livestock UnitUnclassified
Lock UpHousing & Amenities
Later UseUnclassified
Love YouMiscellaneous
Land UseUnclassified
Lov'n UserChat
Lesser UsedUnclassified
Lower UpperUnclassified
Leiden UniversityUniversities
Local UnionUnions
Licensed UserComputing
Laughing UproariouslyTwitter
Level UpMusic
London UndergroundTransportation
Left UndoneTexting
Local UnconformityUnclassified

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