What does MEI stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MEI:



Medical Education InstituteNon-Profit Organizations
Managing Editor, Inc.Companies & Firms
Meridian, Mississippi USAAirport Codes
Message Express InternetCompanies & Firms
Matsushita Electronics, IncorporatedCompanies & Firms
Mars Electronics, IncorporatedCompanies & Firms
Mountain Equipment IncCompanies & Firms
Modified, Exclusive, And InvalidGeneral Computing
Modified Exclusive And InvalidUnclassified
Menominee Enterprises, Inc.Companies & Firms
Micro Electronics InternationalCompanies & Firms
Molkenbuhr Enterprises, Inc.Companies & Firms
Musical Encoding InitiativeMusic
McMillan Enterprises, Inc.Companies & Firms
Mathematics in Education and IndustryMathematics
Methode Electronics IncElectronics
Maximum Exposed IndividualUnclassified
Multi-Engine InstructorAircraft & Aviation
Medicare Economic IndexEconomy
Middle East InstituteInstitutes
Morocco Electric IncCompanies & Firms
Multicultural Entrepreneurial InstituteInstitutes
Manageability Engine InterfaceUnclassified
Maryland English InstituteInstitutes
Magnetic Electron InductionUnclassified
Missouri Energy InitiativeEnergy
Maintenance des Equipements IndustrielsFrench
Mathematical Expression InterpreterUnclassified
Midwest Economy IndexEconomy
Modified Embedded InvalidUnclassified
Municipal Equality IndexCivic & Municipal
My Employment InformationEmployment
Master Inspection ItemNASA
Media & Inc TstLondon Stock Exchange
Metaphase Enovia IntegrationManufacturing
Meteoric Resources NLASX Symbols
Music Encoding InitiativeAcademic & Science

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