What does MLA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MLA:



Modern Language AssociationNews & Media
Medical Library AssociationLibraries
Mailing List ArchivesInternet
Member of the Legislative AssemblyState & Local
Malta, MaltaAirport Codes
Master of Landscape ArchitectureAcademic Degrees
Meat & livestock AustraliaCompanies & Firms
Mandated Lead ArrangerMusic
Major League ArcSports
Manufacturing License AgreementInternational Business
Military Legislative AssistantMilitary
Market Level AdjustmentStock Exchange
Multiple Letter AcronymNews & Media
Modern Language AbbreviationNews & Media
Multi Level AdvertisingGeneral Business
Magnetic Linear AcceleratorPhysics
Mumbles Lovers AnonFunnies
Music Library AssociationMusic
Mid-America Lumbermens AssociationProfessional Organizations
Massachusetts Library AssociationLibraries
Maritime Law Association of the United StatesNon-Profit Organizations
Mandate Lead ArrangerMortgage
Manila, PhilippinesAsian
Master Littering AssociationFunnies
Many Laughs AssuredFunnies
Manitoba Library AssociationSocieties
Maryland Library AssociationLibraries
Maritime Law AssociationAssociations
Michigan Library AssociationLibraries
Members of Lunatic AsylumFunnies
Monitoring Logging AgentNetworking
Music for Life AllianceMusic
Missouri Library AssociationLibraries
Mailing List AgentUnclassified
Master of Liberal ArtsAcademic Degrees
Minnesota Library AssociationAssociations
Modern LanguageLanguage & Literature
Modern Languages AssociationAssociations
Modern Linguistic AssociationAssociations
Monochrome Lens AssemblyNASA
Main Logistic AreaMilitary
Maneuver Load AlleviationAircraft & Aviation
Maryland Limousine AssociationAutomotive
Mass Loading and AccessAutomotive
Master Lease AgreementIT
Master License AgreementIT
Mclaren AutomotiveAutomotive
MDM (Manipulator Deployment Mechanism) Launch AftNASA
Mechanical Lash AdjusterAutomotive
Medical Australia, LimitedASX Symbols
Member of Legislative AssemblyPolitics
Mercury Laser AltimeterNASA
Micro Lens ArrayIT
Microchip Libraries for ApplicationsSoftware
Microsoft License AdvisorIT
Mission Load AllowanceMilitary
Modern Language Association of AmericaSocieties
Modular Longitudinal ArchitectureAutomotive
Month Look AheadChat
Motor Land AragonAutomotive
Mouse Lymphoma AssayLaboratory
Multilateral Lending AgencyBanking
Multiple Link Anti TheftAutomotive
Multispectral Linear ArrayIT
Munitions Life AssessmentMilitary
Mutual Legal AgreementLaw & Legal
My Listener AddressIT

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