What does MNG stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand MNG:



Multiple-image Network GraphicsNetworking
Multiple Network GraphicsGeneral Computing
Map (DeLorme Map'n'Go)File Extensions
Multimedia Networks GroupUniversities
Michigan National GuardMilitary
Maningrida, Northern Territory, AustraliaAirport Codes
Bitmap graphics (Multiple-image Network Graphics)File Extensions
More New GamesSports
Maltose neopentyl glycolUnclassified
Mr Nice GuyUnclassified
Mirox New GenerationUnclassified
Moon Nation GameUnclassified
My Networking GroupUnclassified
Meet N GreetUnclassified
Military and GovernmentMilitary
Mystreet Next GenerationUnclassified
Maroon N GoldUnclassified
Murphy Norman GamingGaming
McMullen Nolan GroupUnclassified
Multiple Network GraphicUnclassified
Misfit Nation GamingGaming
Multilingual Net GlossaryUnclassified
Multi Nucleated GonocytesUnclassified
Multi Network GatewayUnclassified
Millennial Network GroupUnclassified
Mines n GrenadesUnclassified
Mint No GumUnclassified
Mobile News GatheringMobile
multinodular goiterMedical
Multiple Frame Network GraphicsIT
Multi Image Network GraphicsIT

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