What does O.M. stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand O.M.:



Olympique de MarseilleSports
On My ....Texting
Old ManCommunity
Organic MatterChemistry
Afan (Oromo)Language Codes (2 Letters)
Order of MagnitudeMathematics
One MillionUnit Measures
Open MindChat
Old MutualCompanies & Firms
Open MindedGeneral Business
Object ModelGeneral Computing
Out of MemoryGeneral Computing
Otitis MediaPhysiology
Order of MeritMilitary
Operations and MaintenanceUS Government
Occupational MedicinePhysiology
Operations ManualMilitary
Owners ManualTransportation
Owner's ManualTransportation
One MindUS Government
Orden MinisterialSpanish
Old MaidOccupation & Positions
Out of ManyMathematics
Old ModelTransportation
Output ModeGeneral Computing
Object ManagerDatabases
Other MaleLaw & Legal
Organizational ManagementGeneral Business
Ordinanza MinisterialeItalian
Outer MarkerTransportation
Outer MitochondrialLaboratory
Options MarketGeneral Business
Object MarkerGeneral Computing
Operation MobilizationMilitary
Oh, Merde!Texting
Orange MonkeyVeterinary
On MushroomsPolice
Old MissUniversities
Operation MarketgardenMilitary
Osteopathic ManipulationPhysiology
Old MonkReligion
Oil MineralFood & Nutrition
Original MetalUnclassified
Operator MechanicOccupation & Positions
Orchestral ModelMusic
Overall MaintenanceNASA
Operational MeasurementTelecom
Operation MigrationCommunity
Omni-Lite IndustriesCompanies & Firms
Officiating MinisterOccupation & Positions
Object ModellerDatabases
Oel MotorCompanies & Firms
Official MileageTransportation
Orange MossFood & Nutrition
Olympic MountaineeringSports
Organizational ManagerOccupation & Positions
Omaha Field OfficeFBI Files
Olympus MaitaniPhotography & Imaging
Orientational MeltingChemistry
Occult MaterialReligion
Open MotorboatShipping & Sailing
Organic MerchantsCompanies & Firms
Onboard MopNASA
Obnoxious MoronFunnies
Office ManagerOccupation & Positions
Society of PhysiciansSocieties
Order ManagementGeneral Business
Operation ManualBusiness
Om MeansUnclassified
Operating ManagerOccupation & Positions
Operations ManagerOccupation & Positions
One MomentUnclassified
Orgasmic MeditationUnclassified
Office Of MeteorologyUnclassified
Oriental MedicineMedical
Ocelot MaleUnclassified
Oh MerdeUnclassified
Onder MeerUnclassified
Optical MultiUnclassified
Orchestra ModelMusic
Office ManagementManagement
Open MediaUnclassified
Operational Mid-MDM (Manipulator Deployment Mechanism)NASA
Optical MicroscopeUnclassified
Orange ManUnclassified
Original MaestroUnclassified
Original ManUnclassified
Original ManufacturerUnclassified
Original MeditatorUnclassified
Original MusicMusic
Other MotherNames and Nicknames
Contour MultiunitMilitary
Object MemoryNetworking
Ocean ManagementOcean Science
OH MyUnclassified
Omne Mane (every morning)Prescription
Omni mane Every morningPharmacy
Optical MasterNASA
Orchestral ManoeuvresMusic
Ordem dos MédicosSocieties
Organic MaterialUnclassified
Oriental MaleMedical
Outer MembraneLaboratory
Over ModulationAcademic & Science

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