What does PEPSI stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PEPSI:



Pay Each Penny to Save IsraelFunnies
PepsiCo (not an acronym)Companies & Firms
Pay Every Pence to Save IsraelFunnies
Proton Echo Planar Spectroscopic ImagingPhysics
Pay Every Penny to Support IsraelFunnies
Polynomial Expansions of Protein Structures and InteractionsUnclassified
Premium Extracted Preemie Sauce InitiativeUnclassified
Pang Ena Pena Sahi IFunnies
Pause Execution on Parity Set ImmediateUnclassified
Pan European Payment System InitiativeEuropean
Peddling Extreme Poisons So InnocentlyFunnies
Productively Endorses Possible Stomach InfectionFunnies

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