What does RENEW stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand RENEW:



Resource Exchange Network For Eliminating WasteUnclassified
Research and Ethical Network Embracing WaterEnvironmental
Reaching Engaging Nurturing Each WomanUnclassified
Intercorp Excelle, Incorporated Warrants (de-listed)NASDAQ Symbols
Respect Educate Nurture and Empower WomenUnclassified
Rehabilitation Enterprises of North Eastern WyomingRehabilitation
Renewable Energy Net Ecosystem WeimarEnergy
Re Educating a New Employable WorkforceEmployment
Recharge Explore and Nourish Each WeekUnclassified
Refreshment Encouragement Nurture and Entertainment for WomenUnclassified
Respect Educate Nurture Empower WomenUnclassified
Renewable Energy Network for Environmental WelfareEnergy
Resources Education Nutrition Exercise WellnessHealthcare
Restoring the Environment and Neutralising the Effects of the WarProfessional Organizations

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