What does SHF stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SHF:



Super High FrequencyMilitary
Souther Hillman Furay BandMusic
Schuff International, Inc.AMEX Symbols
Senior Health FoundationCommunity
Starkey Hearing FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
Super HyperFine (interaction)Electronics
Super High FloorArchitecture
Sensible Heat FluxUnclassified
Saskatchewan Horse FederationFederation
Sensible Heat FactorUnclassified
Sociedad Hipotecaria FederalUnclassified
Simulated Hash FunctionUnclassified
S*** Hitting FanChat
Stainless Hose FittingsUnclassified
Summer Hope FarmFarming & Agriculture
Sutherlands Home FurnishingUnclassified
Software and Hardware FoundationsSoftware
Sydney Heritage FleetUnclassified
Société Honoraire de FrançaisUnclassified
Short Horizon FactorsUnclassified
Simple Hierarchy FormatUnclassified
Singapore Heart FoundationFoundations
Sugar High FridaysUnclassified
Sandralene's House Of FashionCompanies & Firms
Societe Hydrotechnique de FranceUnclassified
Southern Hillman FurayUnclassified
Spartan Harsey FolderUnclassified
Spherical Harmonic FunctionUnclassified
Symmetric Hash FunctionUnclassified
State Housing FundHousing & Amenities
Strong Home FavouriteUnclassified
Superior Health FoundationFoundations
Soil Heat FluxUnclassified
Somalia Humanitarian FundFunds
Société Hippique FrançaiseUnclassified
Safe and Healthy FamiliesUnclassified
Sanitation and Hygiene FundFunds
Separate Hydrolysis and FermentationUnclassified
Sinister Hooded FigureUnclassified
Singapore Hockey FederationFederation
Singapore Heritage FestivalFestivals
Simian Hemorrhagic FeverUnclassified
Short for Hip FractureUnclassified
Syria Humanitarian FundUnited Nations
Synthesized Hydrocarbon FluidsAutomotive
Shift LampAutomotive
Super-High FrequencyMilitary
Show Hidden FilesIT
Super High FormabilityAutomotive
Simple Hands FreeIT
Stateful Hardware FailoverIT
State Highway FundAutomotive
Société de l'Histoire de FranceSocieties
Société Hydrotechnique de FranceSocieties
Hydrotechnical Society of FranceSocieties
Society for the History of FranceSocieties

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