What does SICK stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand SICK:



Stop Inciting Children To KillLaw & Legal
Serial Insane Clown KillerLibraries
Southwest Intergalactic Comedy KermisUnclassified
Smoking Is Cool KidsUnclassified
Southern Indiana Crazy KyakersSports
Serious Idiots Clown KillingFunnies
Self Induced Carnivorous KillerUnclassified
Stunning Insane Creative KickassUnclassified
Society in Complete KaosSocieties
Steinhardt Index of Complexity in KnowledgeUnclassified
Solutions to Issues of Concern to KnoxvilliansUnclassified
Screaming inside can killUnclassified
Sentences Involved in Compositional KnowledgeUnclassified
Slightly Inappropriate Cards For KidsUnclassified
Sad Isolated Cold KidFunnies
Sereal Insane Clown KillerUnclassified

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