What does WARP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand WARP:



Wins Above Replacement PlayerSports
Weather and Radar ProcessorMeteorology
Warning Advice and Reporting PointLaw & Legal
Weak Axiom Of Revealed PreferenceUnclassified
Workshop For Art Research And PracticeUniversities
Waba Application Resource PackageSoftware
Wireless ATM (Asynchronous Transmission Mode) Research ProjectTelecom
Worldwide Automotive Realtime PurchasingTransportation
Worldwide Approved Relative work ProgressionGeneral Business
Wargaming And Role PlayingSports
Wave Adaptive Reduction PrincipleOcean Science
Wonderlens Alien Research ProjectResearch
World Assassination Reaches PeopleUnited Nations
Web Access and Retrieval PortalMilitary
Worship And Radical PraiseReligion
Wills Alien Recording ProductionsCompanies & Firms
Witness Anonymous Relocation ProgrammeUnclassified
Weave a Real PeaceUnclassified
We Are Reasonable PeopleUnclassified
Woodstock Art Reef ProjectUnclassified
Web Activated Rich PushUnclassified
Web Automated Response ProcessingGeneral Business
Wallsend Adventure Role PlayersUnclassified
Web Agent Remote ProtocolUnclassified
West Ashley Robotics ProgramRobotics
Wing Air Refueling PodUnclassified
Wireless Ambient Radio PowerUnclassified
Watermarking Review PanelIT
Wavelength Routing ProtocolIT
Web Access Ready ProtocolIT
Web-based Access and Retrieval PortalMilitary
Weighted Averaging Using Rounded PointsIT
Windows Advanced Rasterization PlatformUnclassified
Wireless ArpIT
Witness Anonymous Relocation ProgramFBI Files

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