What does WHAM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand WHAM:



Waveform Hold And ModifyElectronics
Women's Health Action MobilizationPhysiology
Wellness and Health At MacAlesterHealthcare
Walking Horse Association of MichiganSports
Wrenching Heart Aching MomentNews & Media
Worship His Awesome MajestyReligion
We Have Aids, MomFunnies
Winning Hearts and MindsMiscellaneous
We Have AIDS MomUnclassified
We Have a MissionUnclassified
Wireless Hand-held Accessory MicrophoneHardware
Wishes, Hopes, And MiraclesReligion
AM-1180, Rochester, New YorkRadio Stations
White Homos Against MingeUnclassified
Wishes Hopes And MiraclesNon-Profit Organizations
Whole Health Action ManagementManagement
Warren Hunterdon Academic MeetAcademic & Science
We Hate All MenUnclassified
Web Hosted Applications MapUnclassified
WebHosted Applications MapUnclassified
Weekly Homeschool Accountability MeetingsUnclassified
Weight Health And MovementHealthcare
Weighted Histogram Analysis MethodUnclassified
Wellness Health At MacalesterHealthcare
West Hollywood Advocates for MetroUnclassified
West Houston Assistance MinistriesUnclassified
Western Hemisphere Arbitration and MediationNews & Media
What Here Applies to MeUnclassified
What How Able and MotivatedUnclassified
Whats Happenn Art MovementArt
Whitsunday Hinterland And MackayUnclassified
Why Healthy Air MattersUnclassified
Winter Holiday Art MarketUnclassified
Wisconsin H Alpha MapperUnclassified
Wisconsin Hydrogen Alpha MapperUnclassified
Woods Hole Assessment ModelUnclassified
WareHouse Automation ModuleProducts

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