Accounting Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Accounting terminology and jargon:



1HYFirst Half-Year
1QTRAFirst Quarter Analysis
21 MFIPayment due on the 21st of the Month Following Invoice date
2YA2 Year Ago
350KThree hundred and fifty thousand
3RBRisky and Revenue Recognition Board
4EAFor Enterprise Administrator
90DSACNinety Days, Same As Cash
A&ARAccounting and Auditing Releases
A/CAccount Current
A/PAccounts Payable
A/RAccounts Receivable
AAActive Page
AAAAccumulated Adjustments Account
AAAAmerican Accounting Association
AAAAssociation of Accounting Administrators
AAAAuthentication, Authorization, and Accounting
AAAAuthentication Authorization and Accounting
AAAAuthentication Authorization Accounting
AAA-CPAAmerican Association of Attorney- Certified Public Accountants
AAAAAsian Academic Accounting Association
AAACAverage Actual Acquisition Cost
AAAJAccounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal
AAAJAccounting Auditing and Accountability Journal