African Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the African terminology and jargon:



8TAA South African slang meaning hello
A2NAfrica 2000 Network
AAAAAfrican American Alumni Association
AAAAAAnderson African American Alumni Association
AAACAfrican American Advisory Council
AAACAfrican American Advisory Committee
AAACAssociation for African American Collegians
AAACAfrican Arab Asian and Caribbean
AAACAssociation of African American Collegians
AAACAfrican American Artists Collective
AAACAdopt An African Church
AAACCAfrican American Art and Culture Complex
AAACCAfrican American Art Culture Complex
AAACCAfrican American Arts and Culture Complex
AAACCAfrican American Arts Culture Complex
AAACEAfrican American Association of County Employees
AAACSAfrican American and American Cultural Studies
AAAEAsian American African and European
AAAFAssociation of African Air Forces
AAAGAfrican American Affinity Group
AAAGAfrican Affairs Advisory Group
AAAGAfrican American Association Of Georgia
AAAGAfrican American Association of Ghana
AAAHAnimated Atlas of African History