Artificial Intelligence Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Artificial Intelligence terminology and jargon:



AAIAugmented Artificial Intelligence
AAIIApplied Artificial Intelligence Initiative
ACAIAdvanced Course on Artificial Intelligence
ADIArtificial Design Intelligence
AIArtificial Intelligence
AIAFArtificial Intelligence Auto Focus
AICArtificial Intelligence Cooking
AICIArtificial Intelligence and Computational Intelligence
AIDAArtificial Intelligence For Document Analysis
AIDAArtificial Intelligence Data Analyser
AIDAArtificial Intelligence Driven Agent
AIDGArtificial Intelligence in Design Group
AIDRArtificial Intelligence for Disaster Response
AIDRArtificial Intelligence Disaster Relief
AIDRArtificial Intelligence for Digital Response
AIEArtificial Intelligence Exploration
AIFHArtificial Intelligence For Humans
AIFRArtificial Intelligence for Fundamental Research
AIGSArtificial Intelligence Geneva Summit
AIKArtificial Intelligence Korzonas
AILEArtificial Intelligence and Legal Education
AIMAArtificial Intelligence A Modern Approach
AIMSArtificial Intelligence Molecular Screen
AIOTArtificial Intelligence Of Things
AIPPArtificial Intelligence Policy and Practice