Amateur Radio Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Amateur Radio terminology and jargon:



01ATriode tube in circuitry of receivers
1/4WAQuarter Wave Antenna
1/4WVQuarter Wave Antenna
10-4Message received
2MTR2-Meter wavelength (146 megahertz)
2MTR+Two Meter Plus Amateur Radio Club
2MtrPlusTwo-Meter Band Radio Club
47CFRCode of Federal Regulations Title 47 (FCC)
5NNReport on received signal (Answer for 599)
5NNReport on received signal (answer for 599)
5x5Five-by-Five (Good Copy Signal)
73Social, Leave Taking, Ending of radio Transmissions, similar to; "wish you well!", '73', 'Best Regards'
73Best Regards (not an acronym)
88Love & Kisses (not an acronym)
9K69600 baud rate for digital communications. Used mainly for amateur radio.
AARAAcadiana Amateur Radio Association
AARCAustin Amateur Radio Club
AARCAruba Amateur Radio Club
AARCAlbemarle Amateur Radio Club
AARCAmes Amateur Radio Club
AARCAlger Amateur Radio Club
AARGAyr Amateur Radio Group
AARGAurora Amateur Radio Group
AASAdvanced Antenna Systems