Architectural Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Architecture terminology and jargon:



0xZero-X fictitious Earth spacecraft in Supermarionation productions
16Th Ed WR16Th Edition Wiring Regulations
A+IArchitecture + Interiors magazine
A/FAcross Flats
AAAAlberta Association of Architects
AAAArchitecture and Allied Arts
AAADAcademy of Arts Architecture and Design
AAADAcademy of Art Architecture and Design
AAAEAsian American Architects and Engineers
AACAluminum Anodizers Council
AACAArchitects Accreditation Council of Australia
AAESDAAssociation of Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, and Draughtsmen of Australia
AAESDAAssociation of Architects Engineers Surveyors and Draughtsmen of Australia
AAFFArchitect Africa Film Festival
AAGAdvances in Architectural Geometry
AAHPArts and Architecture Honors Program
AALAAlberta Association of Landscape Architects
AAMAAmerican Architectural Manufacturer's Association
AAMAAssociation Architectural Manufacturers Association
AAMAAmerican Architectural manufacturers associations
AAOIArchitects Alliance of Ireland
AAOSAAdaptive Agent Oriented Software Architecture
AAPAmerican Architecture Prize
AARBAdvising Architecture Review Board