ASCII Character Codes

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the ASCII Character Codes terminology and jargon:



000NUL (Null Character)
001SOH (Start Of Header)
002STX (Start of Text)
003ETX (End of Text)
004End of Transmission
005ENQ (ENQuiry)
006ACK (ACKnowledgment)
007BEL (Bell)
008BS (BackSpace)
009HT (Horizontal Tab)
010LF (Line Feed)
011VT ( Vertical Tab)
012FF ( Form Feed)
013CR ( Carriage Return)
014SO ( Shift Out)
015SI ( Shift In)
016DLE ( Data Link Escape)
017DC1 ( XON) ( Device Control 1)
018DC2 ( Device Control 2)
019DC3 (Device Control 3) (XOFF)
020DC4 ( Device Control 4)
021NAK ( Negative Acknowledgement)
022SYN ( Synchronous Idle)
023End of Transmission Block
024CAN ( Cancel)