Assembly Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Assembly terminology and jargon:



CCClear the Command
CCAGChristian Center Assembly of God
CCCCarriage Control Character
CCCTACulver City Christian Testimony Assembly
CCICorrect Coding Initiative
CCLCode Conversion Language
CCMACenter for Chemo Mechanical Assembly
CCRCompound Condition Routine
CCRCondition Code Register
CCSCommon Comand Set
CDCursor Down
CDQConvert Double to Quad
CDRContents of Data Register
CDRContents of Decrement Register
CDRContents of Destination Register
CDRACarbon Dioxide Removal Assembly
CDTConceptual Data Type
CECClear Enter Clear
CEFCommon Executable Format
CEMACenter for Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly
CEPCount Enable Parallel
CESCharacter Encoding Scheme
CFCarry Flag
CFComputation Flag
CFCarry Forward