Assembly Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Assembly terminology and jargon:



AQCBAssembly of Quebec Catholic Bishops
ARAddress Register
ARAdd Rows
ARBAij Request Block
ARIBAAntimicrobial Resistance Identification By Assembly
ARMAAccumulator Reservoir Manifold Assembly
ARPLAdjust Requested Privilege Level
ASAdd Sideways
ASAPAssisted Solar Assembly Program
ASARGAlgorithmic Self Assembly Research Group
ASCAdditional Sense Code
ASFAspect Source Flag
ASPAll Systems Panic
ASRArithmetic Shift Right
ASSActivate Symmetrical Sign
ASSMASSeMbly Language
ASYAAgusan Surigao Youth Assembly
ATAAAssembly of Turkish American Associations
ATEAscii To Ebcdic
ATPOAssembly Test Process Order
ATRAnswer To Reset
ATSAt Title Screen
ATTDAssembly Test Technology Development
ATWAPAbolish The Welsh Assembly Party
AUBAssemble Usenet Binaries