Athletics Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Athletics terminology and jargon:



ACCACArizona Community College Athletic Conference
ACCACAtlantic Coast Christian Athletic Conference
ACEAthletics Career Education
ACESAthletic Center of Excellence in Sports
ACESAthletics Culture Entertainment And Sciences
ACLBAthletic Club Labastide Beauvoir
ACOBAthletic College Old Boys
ACSISAthletic Conference of Singapore International Schools
ADAthletic Director
ADALArt David Athletic League
ADBLAthletic Development Basketball League
ADCAAthletic Directors and Coaches Association
ADEAthletic Directors Edge
AEAPAthletic Emergency Action Plan
AELAthletic Equestrian League
AENAthletic Edge Nutrition
AFAAAthletics and Fitness Association of America
AFCAthletic Football Club
AFDAthletic Field Design
AFIAthletics Federation of India
AFNAthletics Federation of Nigeria
AGAFArizona Girls Athletic Foundation
AGTAthletic Group Training
AHAAAthletics Healthcare Administrator Association
AHATAllied Hlth Athletic Training