Athletics Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Athletics terminology and jargon:



WYAAWestland Youth Athletic Association
WYAAWaco Youth Athletics Association
WYAAWillis Youth Athletic Association
XUAXavier University Athletics
XULAXavier University of Louisiana Athletics
YAIAAYork Adams Interscholastic Athletic Association
YEAAYeadon Education Athletic Association
YIYYoga Is Youthfulness
YORCIBC Pan Am / Parapan Am Athletics Stadium at YORk University
YRAAYork Region Athletic Association
YSALYouth Sports Athletic League
YTTPYoga To The People
YWAAYoung World Athletic Association
YWQYour Winning Qualities
ZAAAZambia Amateur Athletics Association
ZABCZionsville Athletic Booster Club
ZABCZizzer Athletic Booster Club
ZGAZero Gravity Athletics
ZOFZone of Optimal Functioning (athletic theory)