Authorities Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Authorities terminology and jargon:



AAAAuthority Authorization AAA
AAAAutonomous Administrative Authority
AAEAAssociation of African Election Authorities
AAHKAirport Authority Hong Kong
AAIAirports Authority of India
AAIAAir Accident Investigation Authority
AALAAdventurous Activities Licensing Authority
AALAAdventure Activities Licensing Authority
AAOCCAuthority Accuracy Objectivity Currency and Coverage
AAPAAmerican Association of Port Authorities
AARAAccess and Amendment Refusal Authority
AATAArizona Automobile Theft Authority
AATAArbor Area Transportation Authority
AATTAirports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago
ABCAAusable Bayfield Conservation Authority
ABCDAuthority Bias Coverage And Date
ABEIAuthority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information
ABIMAmerican Board of Internal Medicine
ABOAuthorities Budget Office
ABPAmerican Board of Paediatrics
ABRSAuthority of British Riding Schools
ACAAllied Control Authority
ACAArizona Commerce Authority
ACAAAda Conformity Assessment Authority
ACAAAllegheny County Airport Authority