Authorities Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Authorities terminology and jargon:



BANTBudget Authority Need and Timescale
BANTBudget Authority Needs and Timeline
BAOABotswana Accountancy Oversight Authority
BARDABiomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority
BARTABerks Area Regional Transportation Authority
BARTABerks Area Reading Transportation Authority
BATABay Area Toll Authority
BATABay Area Transit Authority
BATABranch Area Transit Authority
BATABrookings Area Transit Authority
BAUKBraille Authority of the United Kingdom
BBABangladesh Bridge Authority
BBFABig Bear Fire Authority
BCAABelgian Civil Aviation Authority
BCDABases Conversion and Development Authority
BCHABlaine County Housing Authority
BCHABoulder County Housing Authority
BCHABroward County Housing Authority
BCIABirmingham Construction Industry Authority
BCSABritish Columbia Safety Authority
BDABintulu Development Authority
BEACONBeach Erosion Authority for Clean Oceans and Nourishment
BEZABangladesh Economic Zones Authority
BHABloomington Housing Authority
BIAAPABengaluru International Airport Area Planning Authority