Bible Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Bible terminology and jargon:



2T32 Timothy 3
AABCAccrediting Association of Bible Colleges
ABFAdult Bible Fellowships
ABFAgoura Bible Fellowship
ABPIAnkle-Brachial Pressure Index
ABSGAdult Bible Study Guide
ACOTAncient Context of the Old Testament
AGNTAnalytical Greek New Testament
AIBIAmerican Indian Bible Institute
ALABArabic Life Application Bible
ALBCAbundant Life Bible Church
ANTApocryphal New Testament
AOTBAuthorship of the Bible
APAPAutomatic Positive Airway Pressure
APNTAramaic Peshitta New Testament
APSEAssociated Press Sports Editors
APTRAAssociated Press Television and Radio Association
AUBAAfrica University Bible Academy
B-RAIDBiblical Redundant Array of Independent Documents
BAAWBible as a Whole
BAMBible and Me
BARTBiblical Analysis and Research Tool
BASHBible Adventures Shaping Hearts
BBBible Bowl
BBCCBaptist Bible College Canada