Biology Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Biology terminology and jargon:



BIO SCIBiological Sciences
Bio-ITBiology to Information Technology translational medicine
BIOSBiological Innovation and Optimization Systems
BIOSBiological Innovation for Open Society
BIOSBiological Internet Operating System
BIOSBiology Intensive Orientation for Students
BIOTBIological robOT
BIRMBiological Immune Response Modulator
BIRPBiology Independent Research Project
BITEBio-Inspired TEchnology group
BJMBJM -A native Americans name, Brian Ja'marr Martinez-D.O.B. 3-16-84 in Los Angeles Ca.-AKA The GOD Almighty
BLASTBasic Local Alignment Search Tool
BLBBBuckeye Lady Beetle Blitz
BLCLB Lymphoblastoid Cell Line
BLEBio-mechanic Load Evaluation
BLMTBiological Language Modeling Toolkit
BLNGBasolateral Nuclear Group (neurobiology)
BLQBiological Level of Quality
BMACBiology Major Advisory Committee
BMBBiochemistry and Molecular Biology
BMBBulletin of Mathematical Biology
BMBBiochemistry Molecular Biology
BMCSBiological Medicinal Chemistry Sector