Blogs Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Blogs terminology and jargon:



2018MHWCBN2018 Men's Hockey World Cup Blogger Network
A/NAuthor’s Note
AAEBAfrican American Empowerment Blog
AAMAngry Asian Man
ABCA Bloggers Conference
ABHAndroid BrotherHood
ACMBAlamo City Moms Blog
ADBAsian Development Blog
AFFOTDAmerica Fun Fact Of The Day
AKCBAnother Kansas City Blog
ALTBA Luxury Travel Blog
AMDNA Mood Detector Nation
AMFAMAll My Friends Are Models
AOTBAttack Of The Blog
APNBA Post Nuclear Blog
APOSSA Part Of Swastica Swapn
ASABAngela See Angela Blog
ASDFAlways So Damn Funny
ASINA Skinny Intentines Nose
ASMRAddictive Stuff Mesuffering Ruffly
AWHAlong With Hubby