Botany Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Botany terminology and jargon:



GGGeissler Greenhouse
GIGuano Infested
GIOCGreen Infrastructure Ontario Coalition
GLGreen Luminescence
GLOXGalactose OXidase
GLWGarlic Leaves, Wild
GMOGenetically Modified Organism
GNGrass Nibbler
GOMGardens Of Memories
GRINGermplasm Resources Information Network
GRWRGraft to Recipient Weight Ratio
GSBIGloucestershire Society for Botanical Illustration
GSOBGold-Spotted Oak Borer
GSORGenetic Stocks - ORyza
GSWPGlobal Soil Wetness Project
GVGentian Violet
HBHordeum Bulbosum
HB2Broad sense Heritability
HBGHonolulu Botanical Gardens
HBOKHarrow Blood peach x OKinawa peach crossbreed
HDBHigh Density Biomass
HECHerbarium Eric Coppejans
HHHighland Heather
HLBHuangLongBing disease
HLCBHeight to Live Crown Base