British Degree Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the British Degree terminology and jargon:



AgrBBachelor of Agriculture
BA(Admin)Bachelor of Arts in Administration
BA(FS)Bachelor of Arts in Financial Studies
BAccBachelor of Accounting
BAComBachelor of Arts in Commerce
BAdminBachelor of Administration
BAEBachelor of Arts and Economics
BAEconBachelor of Arts in Economics
BAgrBachelor of Agriculture
BAHBachelor of Animal Health
BAIBachelor of Engineering (Arte Ingeniaria)
BAIBachelor of Electrical Engineering
BAIBachelor of Mechanical Engineering
BALawBachelor of Arts on Law
BAOBachelor of Obstetrics (Arte Obstetricia)
BAppScBachelor of Applied Science
BArchScBachelor of Architectural Science
BARelStBachelor of Arts on Religious Studies
BAScBachelor of Arts and Science
BASocBachelor of Arts in Sociology
BASSBachelor of Arts in the Social Sciences
BATheolBachelor of Arts on Theology
BChemBachelor of Chemistry
BCLBachelor of Civil Law (Oxford)
BCLD(SocSc)Bachelor of Community Learning and Development in Social Sciences