British Degree Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the British Degree terminology and jargon:



BMBChBachelors of Medicine and Surgery
BMBSBachelors of Medicine and Surgery
BMedScBachelor of Medical Sciences or Bachelor of Biomedical science
BMetBachelor of Metallurgy
BMidBachelor of Midwifery
BMinBachelor of Ministry
BMSBachelor of Midwifery Studies
BMScBachelor of Medical Science
BMScBachelor of Biomedical science
BMusEdBachelor of Music Education
BMusPerfBachelor of Music Performance
BNSBachelor of Nursing Studies
BNursBachelor of Nursing
BOptomBachelor of Clinical Optometry
BPABachelor of Public Administration
BPharmBachelor of Pharmacy
BPhilBachelor of Philosophy
BPhilBachelor of Philosophy (Oxford)
BPhil(Ed)Bachelor of Philosophy in Education
BPhysioBachelor of Physiotherapy
BPlBachelor of Planning
BRadiogBachelor of Radiography
BScBachelor of Science in Dairying
BScBachelor of Science in Domestic Science
BSc(Econ)Bachelor of Science in Economics